It seems incredible, but it’s been three years already, and have since appeared on the market a large number of tablets, smartphones and solutions of any type and any price to create projects, more or less attractive to these new devices.
We have decided to immediately begin to immerse ourselves in this new world, and in January 2012 we made ​​available on Appstore free interactive magazine “Flow Magazine” , you can download you sula your iPad to relive the steps and the growth we have experienced in the two following years.
E ‘was created with Adobe DPS and any number (cost issues) is a “single edition” for iPad.
We chose the quarterly periodicity because the project was fully realized “out of business hours” from me and from my dear friend Flavia (editor in chief of the magazine).
Downloading each issue, analyzing the double navigation structure of each number, you can clearly see the progress of the technical and graphic choices skills that have occurred to date.
Every three months we have tried all the available tools of this platform: gallery, slide shows, buttons, video, audio, text and scrolling images.
Flow Magazine was also an important fitness for publication on Appstore, procedures have changed several times during these years, all this world is new, the procedures are not standard and we had to figure out how to adapt to these changes (both side of Apple that side Adobe) during construction, do not hide you that there were several critical moments, but thanks to all this, we now know how to behave.
Flow Magazine was also an opportunity to forge important partnerships with other realities in the publishing industry and not, has allowed us to participate in events like the “Frankfurt Book Fair” , the “Positive business forum in Milan” , IMW in Brescia and finally we had the opportunity to go on stage at the PepCon Chicago ‘ “Ignite InDesign.”
The evening meeting was held from 20.00 to 22.00 local time in Chicago and anyone could talk about a project that had a bearing on InDesign or digital publishing. Since yours truly is not shy, I thought to test myself in this and I gave my approval to talk about Flow Magazine. “A case history of the DPS made ​​in Italy”.
Speaking on stage at the PePCon was my first experience in public when I had to speak in English, I admit I have 20 slides to display in 5 minutes, every slide timed at 15 seconds, required several tests for synchronizing the time, also the ‘idea of participating was born a few days before leaving for Chicago and so there was no time to store the text to say.
as a last item, the applause initial encouragement that greeted me with human understanding, I made him lose precious seconds and “synchronization” has gone to hell, and I had to chase the slides for the rest of the presentation, with a consequent drop in my English ….. if you do not believe us, you can see the record that I posted on Youtube by clicking here.
However the project was appreciated and downloaded by those present in the room and in the following days many have expressed their appreciation of the undersigned that, with a little English “barbarian” has spoken on the stage of this pioneering project. Finally, the experience was useful for deciding to do an English course to improve my level later this year ;-)
This story is merely proof that all the time spent in making Flow Magazine, has been well invested time to consolidate the knowledge acquired, and still allow us to understand today and discover other solutions, more and more, peeking in this new market!
What apettate? You also started to experiment!
Just trying we can realize the potential and the difficulties that arise in this new area!

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